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Clëah Creative was born out of a passion for captivating brands and strategizing them for success. We live for classic, timeless and effortlessly elegant design that transforms any brand. Hannah’s classic design skills blended with Amy’s marketing experience create the perfect recipe to help brands grow with impactful design and killer messaging. We give you the confidence and credibility needed to attract and connect with your dream client or customer. We craft brand stories that captivate your audience, so you can live out your entrepreneurial dreams! 

meet the founders

During lockdown and the prospect of redundancy on the horizon, we proactively started our own design studio, Clëah Creative. Our aim was simple -  to help small business advertise on social media and keep them trading through this difficult time. Fast forward to now, the project has grown arms and legs and we now run our design agency where we continue helping small business’ develop their brands and get their voices heard online. 


our values

are at the heart of everything we do

We are firm believers that a positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes.  It is a catalyst which sparks extraordinary results.


We all have a collection of choices that we must make every day.  We choose to show up and be real.



HANNAH BIRNIE | co-founder & designer


Hello, I’m Hannah

I am the creative behind Clëah, I develop the unique concepts and designs that make your design dreams a reality.


I'm a design minimalist and a real-life hoarder. I am an optimist who believes in positive thinking and energy is key to success. I always see the positives in negative space. My style is simple but significant and I'm inspired by Scandinavian design and minimalism. I understand how important the psychology behind the design is and what makes a design unique to the brand.


In my career, I have worked with some of the world’s biggest brands, from creating print and digital marketing materials to developing products and launching them into iconic department stores.


I’m Amy’s shoulder to cry on when she has PMS, personal motivation/life coach and will always be there to spot her in the gym.


Which designer(s) inspires you the most?

All the designers we follow on Instagram! Have you seen the talent out there?!


When I’m not working, you’ll find me…

In the gym or walking with my Dad. I like to take a chill, do some yoga and smell candles. I have a passion for candles.

brand & digital

AMY MCCALLUM | co-founder, brand & digital


Hello, I’m Amy

As Clëah Creative’s go-to for anything brand or digital, I do more than post on Instagram and jump around photoshoots.

I’m obsessed with creating timeless brands and communicating them to the world.

My skills and experience in a snapshot include working with a variety of local and national clients planning and delivering brand strategies, digital campaigns, memorable experiential campaigns, leading a team of brand ambassadors and essentially providing meaningful results.

I also work with Hannah as a personal assistant, coach, gym partner and sometimes therapist.

Favourite social media platform?

Toughie, but probably Instagram! Closely followed by Pinterest.

When I’m not working, you’ll find me…

In the gym or walking my Cockapoo, Oscar.  Oh, and I also love a good reality TV series with a wine or gin in hand!