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Media Captions 

Engaging fill-in-the-blank captions that allow you to save time, post consistently, and start showing up. Finally share what you are most passionate about without struggling with what to say.

Caption #1


I haven't introduced myself on here for a while so I thought I'd do that again. A big warm hello to all of you My name is [name] and I'm the [girl, woman, man, driving force, dreamer] behind [your business name].

When I was [age or time in your time] I fell in love with [what you do] after [an experience that helped you find your passion] and in [year you started your business] I decided to go for it and [your business name] was born.

I spend most of my days
[what you typically do for your job] and love every minute of it. For me, what I do is so much more than just a job, it's something I picture myself doing for years to come because it allows me to [your favourite part of what you do], and I honestly couldn't imagine doing anything else.

I'm also a
[something else you are, parent, wife, occupation] and obsessed with [something you love to do, like spending time with your family, drawing, reading, etc.] in my free time.

I'd love to get to know you a little better, comment below and come say hello and tell me where you're from, it's always so much fun to see where everyone is!

Caption #2


What's the number one thing you look for when you're searching for the perfect [enter your job title]? Is it [list a few things like price, style, location, personality, etc]? If you've been looking for a [your job title] you've probably realized that it can be a little overwhelming at times and I'm here to help you in your search with my 5 best tips on finding the perfect [your job title]!

[offer tips to help them in their search. e.g.; if you're a photographer you might mention that they should view their portfolio to see if they have the right style, or that cheaper prices can sometimes be a red flag]

1. [Tip number one]

2. [Tip number two]

3. [Tip number three]

4. [Tip number four]

5. [Tip number five]

I hope these little tips help you with your search. If you'd love to talk more about hiring me as your [job title] then shoot me a message! I have a few [available appointments, spots, sessions, etc] in the next [week, month, year] and would love to send you some more information to see if we'd be a great fit!

Caption #3


Most people don't know this, but I actually got started as [your job title or profession] because [the reason you got started]. At the time, I quickly fell in love with [what you did when you first got started] because it made it possible for me to [what do you love about your job], and I knew right away that it's what I wanted to do professionally. It took [x years] of hard work and dedication to become the [your job title] I wanted to be, and grow my business into what it is today.

I truly believe I have the best job in the world and I couldn't imagine doing anything else. Working with
[clients, customers, people] who value the hard work I put into the work I do is incredibly rewarding.

Caption #4


The biggest business risk I took was when... [Write about your biggest risk here]

Sometimes we have to choose to play it safe or take a risk.

I choose to get out of my comfort zone. I decided to take the risk because...
[why did you take this business risk?] To be honest with you, it wasn't always easy. There were times [talk about what made it hard at times] and I felt really [how it made you feel] but I was determined to make it happen.

So what happened after that?


Well, a few things happened after I [the risk you took][List a few things that happened because you decided to take this risk]

And you know what? [write why you are thankful you had the courage to take this risk]

The reason I'm sharing this with you today is that I want you to know that big dreams take a lot of work, and often requires us to push ourselves past our comfort zone. If I can do this, so can you!

Is there a risk you've taken in the past or thinking about taking now that requires you to push yourself outside of your comfort zone? Let's do this together!

Caption #5


Did you know that the top three reasons [clients/customers] love [hiring, purchasing] from [me, your business name] is because [reason #1, reason #2, reason #3]. I started my [type of] business because I'm passionate about [what you do] and wanted to find a way to [how do you serve others]. For me, it's so much more than just [the basics of your industry]. I'm in it because [what do you find most important about what you do?].

If you're looking for the perfect [what you do, photographer, designer, etc.] then make sure to reach out, I'd love to tell you more about the process of [working, using, hiring, etc. services or product] so you can feel confident in your decision in choosing the right [person, type of product, kind of service, etc]!
Talk to you soon!

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