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Bakesbybecks X Cleah Creative Interview

Hannah was thrilled to be asked by Becky Elder (@bakesbybecks) to interview and tell all as part of a module for 'Managing Innovation and Creativity' for her Business Management degree. Cleah Creative came straight to Becky's mind when she was given this module by her lecturers. As a business owner herself, Becky has always looked up to Hannah (Creative Director) and Amy (Managing Director) for how successful Cleah Creative has been, she felt that this interview was not only going to be beneficial to her university degree but also her business that she runs alongside being a Full Time student.

  1. How do you continue to come up with new ideas and what's your inspiration?

Answer: 'I constantly make sure I am having creativity breaks, I often find that my most creative ideas come from when I am out walking and driving. Your brain is most active when it is in a relaxed conscious state.'

2. What's the process from implementation to executing the ideas?

Answer: 'We all come up with ideas, but 9/10 it is usually me who is like "right guys I have an idea". We have a group chat that we are always dropping ideas into. Every Monday we have a team meeting and we run through them all, from there we discuss these ideas and figure out how to implement them carefully.'

3. What methods do you use that add value to your business?

Answer: 'Analytics come into that quite heavily, if it is a design I need to make sure I am ticking all of my client criteria. I'm heavily influenced by design psychology so it has to have the right message through colour psychology, design psychology and typography psychology.'

Above are a few super interesting questions which were asked during the interview, there is so much more to learn from this so watch the interview to find out what else Becky asked Hannah.

Back in 2020, when Hannah worked as a Senior Designer within an agency she was asked to do a personality test as part of a management course. This test told her she was considered the 'Dreamer' within all the personality types. A few years have passed and a lot had changed so we thought it would be interesting to get Hannah to do the personality type test again to see if she stayed as the 'Dreamer' or if anything has changed.

Hannah was shocked to see that results now show she is now considered 'The Visionary'. For Hannah so much has changed since she worked as a Senior Designer within an agency. She is now a business owner and her mindset is completely different after building Cleah! She now has similar responsibilities but so much more freedom in her creativity where the brand will propel to next.

One of the Creative Strengths of 'The Visionary' is'Full of big ideas, ability to see potential and possibility everywhere.' which if you all know Hannah this describes her perfectly. One of the main things that's interesting to take away from the change in the personality type from 'Dreamer' to ' Visionary' is that it shows how much you evolve and grow over time and with experience as a person and a business. The only limits that you have are the ones you make yourself. See below what Megs and Amy's personality type is!

Megs: 'The Innovator'

Creative Strength: Ability to generate new ideas and innovative solutions.

Ideal Collaborator: The Maker

Amy: 'The Maker'

Creative Strength: Focus and Dedication, ability to achieve the mastery

Ideal Collaborator: The Visionary

If you are interested in seeing what personality type you are click the link below to find out!

Hannah Birnie

-Creative Director

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