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Meta Workshop with Grace Beverley

We were invited along to a workshop with Meta, to listen to a talk by the amazing Grace Beverley. We got insider access on how she manages her work-life balance, what 'good' content looks like, the best content for ads, and imposter syndrome. This event gave us so much insight that we can use not only for personal development but also for our business and our clients!

The workshop is now available to read and watch on our blog.

We hope you love it as much as we did!

How do you manage work life Balance?

Grace openly and honestly admitted that this is something she still hasn’t quite

achieved yet (which I’m sure any fellow entrepreneurs can relate to). However, a

key takeaway which resonated with us was to be aware of the time spent IN your

business versus ON your business. In the beginning, it is challenging setting clear

strategic goals when you are so involved in daily tasks. However, it is important

to set some time aside to take a step back, listen to what consumers want and

strategize, if required.

Listen more here!

Lets talk social media.. what does good content look like?

Consumers are more likely to follow a business or a brand because they are

interested in the person, the story, and the journey. Community is integral.

Don’t hard sell your product or service. Instead, try educating your audience and

showcase your product or service being used.

Listen more below!

What is the best content to use for an ad?

The more authentic the better! Just like organic posts, paid ads should follow

the same approach of feeling ‘real’. An easy and cost-effective way to do this is

to use the same content that has performed well organically. For example, you

may have re-posted User Generated Content (UGC) of a recent customer using

your product or service which performed well organically on your feed. Trial this

as an ad. The chances are this type of ad will be better received as the consumer

won’t feel like they are being hard sold your product or service.

One of the best ways to get consumer insights?

Simply, ask them by utilising your social media. Your audience are likely to be

existing/previous customers or consumers who are interested in you or your

product/service. Utilise tools such as polls and quizzes on Instagram. You may

have recently viewed Grace’s recent Instagram Story asking her followers what

diary style they prefer for an upcoming product launch. This is essentially free

insights directly from her target audience which will aid product development.

Quick tip when partnering with another brand or client

State your non-negotiables at the beginning of your contract and ask for theirs.

This ensures all parties are on the same page and expectations are managed!

How do you go about ‘growing’ and hiring a team?

Particularly in the beginning, hire individuals based on culture vs experience.

Look for applicants that share the same core values and attributes that you have.

It’s likely your business has a need for an individual that can get stuck in doing a

bit of everything on the daily, almost a duplicate of yourself! This sounds familiar

(cough Megs)


Imposter syndrome is something we all suffer from, especially when you are a woman in business taking on a more what they would call 'masculine role'. Grace shared her personal insight on Imposter Syndrome and how she navigates through this in her personal life and business.

We hope you enjoyed reading and learning from one of the best in the industry. We certainly enjoyed our time with Meta!

Thanks for reading!

Cleah Creative x

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