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November Brand Spotlight

Every month we pick a brand that we have created from the conception to reality and this brand mark might be our new favourite.

This months brand spotlight is the amazing @dailyelementscoaching. We worked with Gabriele to bring her vision to life, with all our designs we love to build a brand that fits the clients business and personality perfectly. With Gabriele we used colour theory and hidden symbolism throughout the branding to achieve the perfect outcome.

Do you want to see how we created the perfect brand and how it all comes together? Keep scrolling to find out!

When building a brand we have a call early on with the client to nail down the inspiration, colours, meaning behind the brand and much more and this helps us create the ending result. Below you can see what hidden symbolism we used in this logo and what we wanted to include in this brand pack. As much as every aspect of the brand pack is important when creating a brand, colour theory really is the one we want to get right, with Gabriele we needed to use colours that represented nature, earth and much more to really tie it all together. Within the colour theory you can read how each colour has such a big impact on Gabrieles branding and design.

We start by creating an initial vision or 'moodboard' for the brand. This is an important step that we use as the anchor for design. We pull out elements that make sense to use in the brand and a brand colour palette.

We absolutely loved adding in the hidden symbolism in Gabriele's branding. All the elements needed to piece together like a jigsaw piece to complete the logo.

Do you think we nailed it?

Did you know that colours can represent certain elements?


Alongside creating Gabriele's full branding we also created and designed the following for her:

  • Brand Design

  • Social Media Strategy and Guidelines

  • Canva Templates

  • Business Cards

Are you interested in creating and building a brand with us? Contact us now via our contact form and we will design your dream business branding!

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